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RFSport.com: dedicated to Xtreme Amateur Radio

   Everyone uses the same software to log contacts.

      Logged information is sent to an Internet Scoreboard.

         Everyone sees the competition unfold in real time.

               Logs are open to public view and peer scrutiny.

                  This is on-line gaming for the Radio Amateur.

tHiS iS cErTaInLy nOt
YoUr GrAnDfAtHeR's HaM rAdIo CoNtEsT

5-steps to the future of RadioSporting...
1. Get RFSPort Logger (see "Download the Logger" on left)
2. Read the Rules for the Contest (see "Scoreboard Central")
3. Configure RFSport Logger for the contest(see "Scoreboard Central")
4. Practice, using Logger's Practice-mode to get the hang of it
5. Have fun on contest day!

"Scoreboard Central" has past events to view and maps that are drawn in real-time, during a competition!

WeLcOmE tOtHe NeXt LeVel

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