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(Note: Click on "Scoreboard Central" for Event Information, including help with setting up Logger for a particular contest)

Area 1 - Station Panel
This is the information about the logging competitor themselves.

Area 2 - Log Panel
The last four logged contacts display here.  Double-click and you can edit the entire log.

Area 3 - Entry Fields
Enter callsigns and grid's

Area 4 - Dupe Check Panel
If the call you are entering resembles one that is already in the log, it will show here.  You may still log dupes for 0-points.

Area 5 - Competition Panels
=stations who are >5dB higher ERP than the logging station.

BLACK=stations who are +/- 5-dB in ERP  These are the competitors who are in your "class" (similarly equipped).

= stations who are <5-dB or less than the logging station.

Area 5a - All stations within the same Grid-4 as the logging station, sorted by score.
Area 5b - All stations within the 3x5 Grid-4 region around the logging station, sorted by score.
Area 5c - All stations, world-wide, sorted by score.

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